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Basilea Pharmaceutica

5 January 2024
Portfolio update
A year of plenty

31 October 2023
Tonabacase agreement
Novel antibacterial acquisition

19 October 2023
BAL-2062 acquisition
Novel antifungal acquired

14 September 2023
Beyond Cresemba
A bright future beckons

15 August 2023
2023 H1 results
Company guidance raised

15 March 2023
Profitability and prospects
An anti-infectives future

14 February 2023
2022 full year results
Successful transformation

7 June 2022
Anti-infectives prospects
Important period ahead

9 November 2022
2023 heralds a new era
Sustainable Profitability

10 March 2022
Strategic change
Refocusing on anti-infectives

19 November 2021
Update on derazantinib
Can derazantinib be class leading?

1 September 2021
Post H1 Results update
Firing on all fronts

6 July 2021
Lisavanbulin revisited
Showing lots of promise

31 May 2021
Update on derazantinib clinical programs
Establishing optimum positioning

6 May 2021


Bacteraemia is the key

24 March 2021

FIDES-01 Interim results

Derazantinib differentiation apparent

22 February 2021


Lisavanbulin in Focus

16 February 2021

Full Year 2020

Solid results and more to come

21 December 2020


The overlooked FGFR inhibitor

19 October 2020 

Initiation of coverage

The best is yet to come

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