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Diurnal Group - Commercial rollout continues

Diurnal announced this morning that it has secured the services of Vector Pharma to distribute its paediatric adrenal insufficiency (AI) product Alkindi in the increasingly important MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Alkindi has been specifically developed for the treatment of paediatric AI (including congenital adrenal hyperplasia). Increasingly, MENA has become an important geography encompassing the wealthy gulf states as well as developing African nations.

Relationships with companies like Vector Pharma are another example of Diurnal's go-to-market strategy. It can broaden market reach by using distributors with regional expertise outside of the larger European markets where Diurnal self markets Alkindi and Efmody. In the US, Diurnal has licensed Alkindi Sprinkle to Eton Pharmaceuticals. It has also enlisted Tolmar Pharmaceuticals to increase the frequency of face-to-face discussions to help change the entrenched prescribing habits of many paediatric endocrinologists.

Although the market potential for Alkindi may be modest, the combination of Alkindi and Efmody will ultimately provide improved treatment options for the continuum of patients with adrenal insufficiency, including CAH, from childhood through to adulthood. We remain early in this journey, with Efmody currently approved for adolescent and adult CAH in Europe. However, studies are ongoing to take Efmody into AI in Europe with the CHAMPAIN trial (data available end 2022) and in CAH in the US with the Phase 3 CONnECT study also underway.

We look forward to the full suite of Diurnal's AI (including CAH) products becoming available over the coming years.

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