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Diurnal Group

1 April 2022
The SMC impact and revised outlook
A challenging start to 2022, but potential remains

14 February 2022
The opportunity in AI and TRT
Driving the franchise

14 December 2021
2022 Outlook
2021 Execution, 2022 Delivery

30 September 2021
FY 2021 Results and Outlook
Smart Delivery

9 August 2021
Efmody launch and outlook
Commercialisation the key for now

28 July 2021
Trading update for FY 20/21
Momentum building

3 June 2021
Efmody EU approval
Globalisation of the adrenal franchise

26 March 2021
Efmody (Chronocort) CHMP opinion
Back on Track

3 March 2021

Recap on the pipeline potential

Important period ahead

23 February 2021

H1 2020 Results

Final stretch

18 January 2021


Evolving CAH Treatments

11 November 2020

Introducing DITEST

Shifting Gear

30 September 2020

Alkindi US Approval

Another important milestone

16 September 2020

Initiation of Coverage

Wake up, time to fly

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