Basilea's derazantinib - a differentiated FGFR inhibitor

We published a research note today exploring the potential for Basilea's lead oncology candidate derazantinib.

Basilea's anti-infectives franchise is relatively well understood, however, we believe that the emerging oncology franchise has been overlooked. Derazantinib is an FGFR inhibitor with broad applicability in treating a variety of cancers. The FGFR inhibitor space is competitive, and others are ahead of Basilea, but the market potential for effective FGFR-targeting therapies is large. It involves many difficult to treat cancers, and competitors have already validated the approach.

Derazantinib still has a significant opportunity in monotherapy but we believe its potential to boost the activity of immunotherapy has been missed. Derazantinib's activity against the CSF-1/CSF1R pathway appears to differentiate it from competitors. The CSF-1/CSF1R pathway is responsible for effectively blunting the effectiveness of the checkpoint inhibitors (CKIs). Consequently, if derazantinib is successful in combination with CKIs, it could be a leader rather than a fast-follower. Basilea has two trials ongoing to test this theory in combination with Roche's Tecentriq.

We have calculated a discounted cash flow fair value of CHF 120 for Basilea. See the full research note here.


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